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2019 Sponsors

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the gracious assistance of these many sponsors of the BRCS events and projects.

Pour For More helps 12 local charities a year. The BRCS is one of our favorites.

Dana Lynn and Casey Cowell

The Great Lakes Commission works for cleaner and more beautiful waters in and around the Great Lakes.

The National Cherry Festival wishes only the best for the BRCS and thanks them for keeping our beautiful Boardman River, of which we are so proud, clean and beautiful for our Cherry Festival guests and our community

Michigan Fly Fishing Club

Paddle For Pints is a huge advocate of BRCS and all they do for our Boardman River

We at the Rare Bird Brewery have always and will always be supporters of environmental action and we applaud the BRCS for keeping our beautiful rivers in NW Michigan cleaner.

The American Canoe Association is proud to make grants to organizations like the BRCS who do the hard work of keeping our rivers flowing clean and healthy.

LL Bean sponsors the ACA-CFG Program to help support organizations that keep our waterways clean

Thanks for keeping the Boardman and all our rivers clean.  We are a company that believes in helping our community and it shows.

Oryana congratulates the BRCS for keeping our rivers clean and it is our pleasure to provide healthy, delicious nourishment for the hard-working BRCS volunteers.

The Exchange Club of Traverse City assists many non-profits of all sorts to make this a better place for all of us to live.  We commend the BRCS in their efforts to keep the Boardman and all our NW Michigan rivers cleaner and healthier.

Crystal Mountain Resort is all about water and having fun on all forms of it.  We only want our water to be clean and the BRCS is one good way to keep it that way.  Keep our water clean!  We are happy to help out, too

Wells Fargo Advisors of Traverse City wants to wish the BRCS every success.  You are doing a great job!

We support clean rivers and the volunteers that keep them that way.  We provided the Youth River Stewardship Award.  Congratulations to all the youth volunteers for your hard work.

American Waste is proud to be a part of this cleanup with donated dumpster and recycle bins.  Congratulations on your cleanup and recycling efforts.

The Pine River Paddle Sports company wishes the Boardman River Clean Sweep best of luck on their cleanup efforts and we always assist them when ever we can.  Kudos to all you hard chargers for the rivers of Michigan.

Here at Mitchell Paddle Co of Canaan, NH, we are all about cleaner rivers and a cleaner America.  Thanks to all you river stewards out there in Michigan.

Our Outback staff loves the Boardman and we are happy to be able to help the BRCS with their efforts to keep it clean.

I'm not a resident of Northern Michigan but I want to be part of this worthy volunteer movement to keep all our rivers clean.  I hope your spirit of volunteerism spreads across our beautiful country.

I love making these awards for the BRCS.

Ranch Rudolf has been on the Boardman since before 1900 and has taken care of the river from the beginning.  We hope the BRCS will continue to keep our river healthy.

I have been a long time sponsor of this cleanup.  I love fly fishing and the Boardman is my favorite river.

I want to wish the BRCS every success.

I am happy to support this worthy event. This year I even got to participate.  Thanks for all your hard work.

The GT Audubon Club uses the Boardman River as a wonderful place to see many different speices of birds.  We want to help preserve this natural habitat for our winged neighbors.

We at DeWeese Hardware have known Norm Fred (Boomer) for decades and are proud to be able to help his organization as much as we can.

We are newcomers to the river but we really appreciate all you do to keep it clean

The Brick family has been river people forever. We loving being a part of this project.

In Loving Memory of a great MOM and wonderful person who loved the out-of-doors and who loved fishing in particular.- Roseanne Jamrok

Way to go keeping my favorite river clean.  Thanks!  Dr. Bruce Lee

I have worked with Norm since the first BRCS event in 2004. His dream to have clean rivers for all of us to enjoy has expanded with each successive year and now has taken on a life of its own. I am honored to be a part of the BRCS organization.

Mark and Wendy Young - Wolverine MI

Mike and Missi Campbell, Lake Ann MI


TC Cracker Barrel - Home cooking at its best.

Harold Lassers

Tom and Jana Rockne

The Hemming family has lived and played on the Boardman since I was a kid.  We still have property that the BRCS has helped to cleanup after the flood of 2012.  We are happy to be able to help this organization with funding and support.

The folks up here on the Sturgeon want to thank the BRCS for helping us to get started keeping the Strgeon clean.  You guys rock!

Kwik Print is a proud sponsor of the BRCS and has been since 2005

Jim and Claudia Keglovitz of Honor

The Red Lobster of Traverse City helped provide raffle prizes, food and volunteers to help out.  We had a great time.  This is a wonderful cause and worthy of our help.

We are all about having a good time and when we got the chance to be part of this fine organization, we were all over it.  No one has more fun doing good works for our rivers as Norm Fred and we want to help him all we can.

I have loved the Boardman since I was a boy and my shop is right on the river, so I see the changes in the river everyday. It's great to work with and support the BRCS in its efforts to make the Boardman a better place for all of us.  Jeff Lane

Here at Dr. Bill Northway's office, we want to support this event with our donation and best wishes for a successful cleanup.

We at Tally's Log Cabin Bar in Lewiston, MI want to help anyone who helps to keep the environment clean and beautful.  Thanks for coming to our part of the state to do work for our branches of the AuSable River.

Dean loved fishing and all rivers. He helped Norm clean the river whenever he could. We miss him.

Here at the Geno's Sports Bar and Grill in Thompsonville we hope the 2015 BRCS is the best ever.  We will host the picnic after the Betsie River Clean Sweep, too.

Juniors has always been and will always be about helping to keep our community free of old tires and we always happily take tires that Norm and Steve bring us. Go get those tires out of the lakes and rivers.  That's NOT where they belong.

American Rivers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Washington, DC that leads the National River Cleanup program and provides thousands of trash bags to those organiztions who do river cleanups every year.

Dedicated members of the Traverse Area Paddle Club lead most of the river teams during the BRCS.  This is the 12th year we have helped with this event. TAPC also cleans many other rivers in NW Lower Michigan and beyond. Join the club and come paddle with us.

The Grand Traverse Conservation District provided facilities for the picnic, vehicles for carrying trash and financial support.  A proud partner of the BRCS.

The KHS Outdoor Adventure Club really enjoys this event and we are grateful for the assistance the BRCS gives us.  Count us in. Always!

Our livelihood comes from the river, so we want to keep it clean for our customers. Thank you for your help.

Clean rivers mean more healthy fish.

As a home owner in the Hoosier Valley, I really appreciate what the BRCS has done to get the Valley clean again.

The BRCS is a 501(c)(3) Michigan Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to the preservation and continued health of the Boardman River.

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