Boardman River Clean Sweep
Noah Randell's Common's Women's Trail Cleanup Report
November 25, 2023 to Decmember 25, 2023

Noah Randell, a BRCS volunteer, who worked hard to get the Goodwill Inn Property cleaned up, took it upon
himself to do cleanups alone at the Commons on the southern side of 11th Street which is usually referred to as
the Women's Trail.

The homeless people who previously camped there were forced by the City to abandon those sites and camp
exclusively on the Northern side of 11th Street, known as the Men's Trail.

All their camping equipment and litter was left there for over a year. Many complained about t but no one did
anything to clean it up. When Noah Randell saw what was there, he decided to take action.

During the Thanksgiving Hoilday, Noah took it upon himself to start cleaning up the location. He worked for 4 days
and took out 100s of pounds of litter and abandoned camping equipement.

The City picked up the trash for disposal.

The BRCS commends Noah's efforts for his community, doing on his own what no one else would do.

Photos taken by Noah Randell - With Permission:

Thank you to the City of Traverse CIty for helping with the disposal of this litter and camping eqipment.

Norman R. Fred
Chairman - Boardman River Clean Sweep
10422 Peninsula Dr. - Traverse City, MI 49686

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