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Lois Goldstein and John Heiam
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Pine River Memorial Meeting Report
Tuesday, September 19, 2023

On August 23, 2023, while on their way home from a river cleanup on the Pine River with friends, longtime BRCS volunteers,
Lois Goldstein and John Heiam tragically lost their lives due to a head-on auto crash on Hammond Rd in Traverse City.

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The TAPC and BRCS will hold a Memorial Service at the Bethelehm Lutheran Church on October 1, 2023 at 2:30pm.

There is a plan to place some sort of a memorial along the Pine River and a meeting was held on September 19 with members of
USFS from the Manistee National Forest, Mark Miltner from the PRPC and the BRCS. The TAPC couldn't attend due to scheduling conflicts.

Scott Peedle is the supervisor of the Manistee National Forest. The others were Scott Peedle, Reese Bordle, Mark Miltner and Norm Fred.

Several things were discussed but it all boiled down to the fact that personal memorials are not allowed on Federal Lands but
they loved Lois and John and they will try to come up with a solution so none of their policies are violated but a memorial for them
can be legally placed somewhere on the river to indicate their contribution to that river and to the Manistee National Forest.


We did receive a notice from Scott Peedle that the County Road Commissioner agreed to allow a plaque be placed at the Dobson Landing
on a concrete bridge abutment facing the landing as long as we use concrete safe epoxy and drill no holes in the bridge.

We also received approval to place the plaque on the abutment on the NE side of the bridge.

All the photos can be seen here:

All the photos from this meeting can be seen here:

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