Boardman River Clean Sweep W/ Benzie Conservation District
Upper Platte River Cleanup Report
Saturday - July 15, 2023
2023 Project #35

John Ransom of the Benzie Conservation District led this project today and he did a fantastic job.

Some 30 of us met at the Veteran's Park on US-31 east of Honor to sign in and get some photos and hold the first ever
Max Bromley Memorial Youth Stewardship Award presentation to 14 year old Avery V. of Honor. (Center)

The BRCS/TAPC contingent paddled the Upper Section which was fast and pushy and which let us know who was in control.
We did get quite a bit of trash out of the river as well as a cast iron gate and some lumber. We left a small dock for a future project.

The BCD held a really nice, homecooked picnic at the village park called Artesian Well Park in Honor.
The food was great and so was the company.

After the picnic, Jim and Claudia, local residents and avid river cleaners, helped me find an iron gate we found while on the river
but were unable to remove. It was in a camping area that they knew how to access. We removed it and placed all the wooden
pieces in a dumpster. The cast iron piece was too nice to throw away and we will try to recycle it or reuse it somewhere.


Short report from John Ranson who led the Honor to Deadstream Rd Section Cleanup

The lower crew paddled from Honor down to the Deadstream bridge collecting nearly 100 lbs of trash along the
way. Items ranged from bottles and cans to deck furniture, sections of dock, buckets, sandals and a lone rubber
ducky. Most of the trash was in the section in Honor with just a few items found downstream of the Indian Hill Road
bridge. The crew stayed dried and happy.


Further Max Bromley Award Update:

Sandy Bromley contacted me and said that she was sad for the other girl that didn't win the Max Bromley Award.

Her name is Liz H.

Sandy Bromley asked if she could buy one for Liz as well.

I didn't see why she couldn't and after some investigation to be sure it was ok with the parents, I got a
kayak and paddle at Dunhams and took it to her today in Beulah.

Liz was thrilled and said THANK YOU!!!


All the BRCS photos can be seen here:

ALL the Upper Section Photos are here:

Our work today was partially funded by grants from


Adams Chapter Trout Unlimited

And private donors like you.

Norman R. Fred
Chairman - Boardman River Clean Sweep
10422 Peninsula Dr. - Traverse City, MI 49686

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