Boardman River Clean Sweep
North Branch Rd - Supply Rd Report
May 17, 2023

There were 9 of us today, the largest groups so far.

The first site was on Arnold Rd off M72 and there was a lot of logging activity going on there.

The dumpsite was completely covered with a mound of dirt from that logging so we left it.

No Photo

The next site was on N Branch Rd of Broomhead Rd. It was a few piles of very soft drywall
scraps that we cut up with a shovel and put into bags.


The next site was one that could not find earlier. Eric Sniff, who actually found it, came over to
Supply Rd near Hobbs Hwy to show us where it was and we were shocked. It was two nicely spaced
rows of asphalt chunks. About 5000 pounds of them.

We filled the trailer as much as we dared and then filled two pickup truck beds, too, which was about
1/2 of the total that was there. We'll go back to this site again until it is completed.

It all went into the 30 yard Dumpeter at the DNR Field Office on Mill Rd south of Chums Corners.

Our work today was partially funded by grants from

The Consumers Energy Foundation

National Cherry Festival Foundation

And private donors like you.

North Branch Rd - Before:

After - North Branch Rd:

Supply Road - Before:

Supply Rd - After:

A big THANK YOU! goes out to DNR Field Office at Mill Rd for letting us use their dumpsters.

ALL the photos taken today can be found here:



The CZERWONAK FAMILY, without being asked to, went to the site on Tuesday, May 23 and
completed the project on their own. THANK YOU CZERWONKA FAMILY!

ALL the CZERWONKA photos can be found here:

Norman R. Fred
Chairman - Boardman River Clean Sweep
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