Boardman River Clean Sweep
Briar Townhall Rd Report
April 25, 2023

We had found these mattresses and sofa last week but we got busy doing Purla Rd and had to put this off a week.

After we dropped of a trailer load of trash at Mill Rd, we headed out to Blar Townhall Rd to get this mattress and sofa.

And these matressess and tires.

On the way in to the sites, we found this:

We reported this waste to the GT County, DNR and DNR CO but we did not touch it or open it due
to its possible dangerous nature.

We were able to get all the sofas and mattresses into the trailer safely and get them back to Mill Rd for disposal.

7 mattesses
1 sofa
2 tires
1 air conditioner
5 large sofa parts
4 small sofa parts
one bag of trash

All our Blair Townhall Rd Cleanup Photos are here

A big THANK YOU! goes out to DNR Field Office at Mill Rd for letting us use their dumpsters.

On April 26, 2023, we received word that the chemicals we found WERE NOT from a METH Lab
and will be disposed of safely.

Norman R. Fred
Chairman - Boardman River Clean Sweep
10422 Peninsula Dr. - Traverse City, MI 49686

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