Boardman River Clean Sweep
Purla Rd DNR Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Report
April 21, 2023

Eight people showed up today to finish up this really large cleanup near Mayfield and the Boardman River.
This was our 4th day of working at this site. We took 121 fifty-five gallon bags of trash and 900 pounds of
recycleable metal from the site.

Our plan was to bag up everything and get it in the trailer in three hours. We were done in 40 minutes,
start to finish. What a great group of volunteers! CHEERS TO YOU!

This project took 4 very full trailer loads to complete. That's approx. 5000 pounds of trash from this one site.

This time the trailer was too heavy for me to haul, so Andrew took it on his car the Brown Bridge Barn to store
until the DNR gets their dumpster delivered on the 27th. The transformation of the area was impressive.

Here are some of the BEFORE photos:

Here are some of the AFTER photos:

All our photos from the 4 days we worked on this project can be viewed here:

Purla Rd Recon Photos - BEFORE

Purla Rd Phase #1 Cleanup Photos - DURING

Purla Rd Metal Recycle Metal Recycle Photos - RECYCLE

Purla Rd Phase #2 Cleanup Photos - AFTER

We had 13 volunteers working to clean this site for 4 days and they were terrific.

Norman R. Fred
Chairman - Boardman River Clean Sweep
10422 Peninsula Dr. - Traverse City, MI 49686

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