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4th Annual S Br AuSable River Cleanup

With Westminster Campers and Staff

July 19, 2018

Click On The Small Images To See The Larger Ones

  DSCN2749_small DSCN2750_cropped_text_small DSCN2750_small DSCN2751_small DSCN2752_small  

  DSCN2753_small DSCN2754_small DSCN2755_small DSCN2756_small DSCN2757_small  

  DSCN2758_small DSCN2759_small DSCN2760_small DSCN2761_small DSCN2762_small  

  DSCN2763_small DSCN2764_small DSCN2765_small DSCN2766_small DSCN2767_small  

  DSCN2768_small DSCN2769_small DSCN2770_small DSCN2771_small DSCN2772_small  

  DSCN2773_small DSCN2774_small DSCN2775_small DSCN2776_small DSCN2777_small  

  DSCN2778_small DSCN2779_small DSCN2780_small DSCN2781_small DSCN2782_small  

  DSCN2783_small DSCN2784_small DSCN2785_small DSCN2786_small DSCN2787_small  

  DSCN2788_small DSCN2789_small DSCN2790_small DSCN2791_small DSCN2792_small  

  DSCN2793_small DSCN2794_small DSCN2795_small DSCN2796_small DSCN2797_small  

  DSCN2798_small DSCN2799_small  

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